21 May 2007

i have been initiated into the wonderful world of wii. and i'm totally hooked. it's ridiculous. it's made my arm sore. it's made me laugh so hard i nearly fell over. it's given me two hours of high entertainment with my brother and his girlfriend.

and i haven't even given anyone a black eye with the controller yet.

we're hatching plans to get our mom and dad in on the action. now that should prove thoroughly hilarious.

{addendum: i'm sitting in the family room working on my computer; my brother and his girlfriend are in his room playing wii tennis. and i just heard my brother's girlfriend, in a slightly panicky-concerned voice, say: 'oh--sorry!' it really is only a matter of time until the wii produces stories of bodily injury...}


  1. I'm self aware enough to know that I can't have the consoles around me. I'd waste so very much time. No consoles. No computer games.


    Out of the question!

  2. since i can't run my brother's computer/television/media set-up, this isn't too much of a risk for me. i could figure it out if i wanted to, but it's far too dangerous. i tried several times monday night to go work and each time i was drawn back by the siren call of the wii...

    it's probably a good thing i can't run it on my own. though i have to say that i don't generally like playing video games by myself. they're very much a social thing for me.

  3. Hi Amy:

    I met you at the jewelry making party, and have dropped by your blog a few times from Jana's.

    Let me just say, that I pride myself on never touching video games (my boyfriend is an avid gamer and I am clear about the fact that I am not), but the Wii just might have me contradicting myself. I played three tennis matches and I was sold. My shoulder hurt that night and the next morning when I woke up, but I think that I am sold on the Wii. I want to have one to waste hours of my precious life on. = )

    I'm kind of worried that it could be danergous in my little apartment, but I guess we'll see.

  4. ha. it could be dangerous. just check out this site:


    full of "wii" incidents.

    but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it. it's thoroughly entertaining. and man does it make me sore. in unexpected places. i don't think my back muscles have felt like this in a very long time...

    maybe i should play in time units smaller than two hours...

    enjoy your wii, catbonny.