07 May 2007

so today i opened a piece of mail from the american honda corporation. i don't normally do this because they're just account statements and my payment is automatically deducted from my bank account twice a month and i monitor it all online. so i only open these lovely envelopes when i plan to file the last several months' worth and shred older ones. but today for some reason i picked up the envelope from my mail and opened it. and rather than an account statement, i found my title. i'm now the proud owner of my own honda civic (that i've been paying on for the last five years). i knew it would be fully paid for shortly, but i had forgotten that by opting for a twice monthly payment plan, i'd save myself three months' worth of payments in the form of interest not accrued. yippee!!


  1. Congratulations!

    Most excellent.

    And you bought a Honda. (The only acceptable car if you're not buying a Toyota).

  2. it is definitely wonderful. feels very liberating to know i have no more car payments.

    and maybe next time i'll go for a toyota. hopefully a hybrid. we'll see. that won't happen til i have a real job.