20 May 2007

today, the beatles--and my ears--were violated. i was on my way to church. and i tuned into klos to find 'mean mr. mustard' from abbey road playing. it's a song that starts a trio of songs that i love. when the trio ended, i begged the radio gods to give me more beatles. and they complied. 'golden slumbers.' 'carry that weight.' and 'the end.' i was singing along, loving my beatles, and then--right before it got to the gorgeous final line of 'the end'--it stopped.

just stopped.

i was left hanging with no resolution. and why? cause the morons running the station today thought it would be a clever way to lead up to paul mccartney's new single, 'ever present past.' it didn't work. and, while i'm sure sir paul's music is lovely and all that, clever disc jockeying is not a sufficient justification to violate the beatles.

as soon as i got to the church, i pulled out my ipod and rectified the situation by listening to the last seven songs of abbey road in full. thank heavens for ipods.

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  1. Beatles crisis averted....another reason Ipods are a necessity. I didn't take mine on vacation thinking after a few days, the withdrawals would be over. Wrong. Needless to say, the first thing I wanted this morning was Mouse, my ipod.