06 May 2007

just a taste of my sunday.
  • leading the music in sacrament. which means i get to set the tempo (no hymns masquerading as funeral dirges).
  • being told by a woman i would never have suspected of knowing the film pretty in pink (simply not in her generation) that i'm cute and remind her of that darling molly ringwald and the way she dressed in the film. {aside: this is not the first time i've been told i look like molly ringwald. in fact, i've heard it quite a lot--sometimes even overheard perfect strangers making the comment.}
  • homemade meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner after a day fasting. delicious.
  • a hot dry wind leaving the sky beautifully clear for a gorgeous twilight.
  • making a thick, creamy chocolate milkshake to share with my parents and brother.
  • looking at the forecast and discovering it will be hot enough to wear skirts for the next several days. which makes me strangely hungry for summer with nights so warm that i leave my blinds and window wide open with the fan on to increase air circulation and sleep under nothing but a sheet. i love those nights.
  • a yard full of birds and roses. positively delightful.
it's been a lovely sabbath.


  1. i find your post to be age-ist. to assume that someone older might have seen a john hughes movie? why is that strange? just because you grew up without moving pictures doesn't mean everyone else did.

  2. That sounds like a great sunday. I wish mine was as good but I guess it was ok. I have been having a few hard days and trying to come out of the dark. This morning I woke up to sunshine and with a renewed hope that today was a new day. I love ya.

  3. Sounds like a beautiful day!
    I love you!

  4. well, i don't really see it in terms of whether or not others see moving pictures (i'm not so small-minded as to assume my experience is the only one, you know; i recognize my own exceptional background). but how many 50 year olds do you see going to movies targeting teenagers? right. not so many. and she was definitely 50 when that film hit.

  5. love you, too, jeni and tasha. just keep moving, jen. just keep pushing forward. and i hope you get more sunshine and that your flowers bloom profusely just for you.

  6. I know what you mean. It always freaks seniors out when I discuss Cocoon.

  7. leading the music in sacrament. which means i get to set the tempo (no hymns masquerading as funeral dirges).


    (Also, I think you should know that I had to type the word "gfifzmwp" in order to post this comment.)

  8. that's a fabulous security word. i do enjoy those security words, though sometimes i just can't type them properly to save my life.

  9. Your post brought back some great memories of home. I too think you bear some resemblence to Molly Ringwold (though, she's only marginally as pretty as you and clearly lacks personality and your perspective on life!).

    Thanks for sharing. Wish we could have been there to share it with you.

    I love you.

  10. i think you might be a bit prejudiced about my beauty, seeing as your my brother and all...

    but thank you. and i wish you could have been here, too. i miss you and your family. but i'm planning on being there again sometime late this summer. and i want to make an excursion to falling water. last year's taste of frank lloyd wright just whet my appetite; now i need more.

    love you.