30 September 2006

morning mist on my lake. part of the hilton lakes in the high sierra outside bishop. i took this about three years ago, the first time i went into the mountains with my brothers. going there is like going home.

i've decided to do an image of the week. sometimes a photo i take. sometimes a photo from someone else that's meaningful to me on a personal level. sometimes a photo or image that i've discovered and think is beautiful.


  1. I think you should post a pic of the offensive hummer :) j/k

    I do love this image. Mornings on water are always a pleasure.

  2. you know, i intended to take my camera down and snap a picture of it the other night, but when i passed it's location on my way home it was no longer there. i was very sad to not be able to share more fully.

    and yes. mornings on water. there is something magical about that combination.

  3. I love your picture post idea. I think I wanna steal it. Maybe we could make Sunday our official image of the week posting day. Anyone?