01 October 2006

this week's discoveries and recommendations.

  • philippe's. the home of the original french dip sandwich, which was, according to legend, discovered accidentally one day when a sandwich was dropped in the drippings from the roast but the customer was in such a hurry that he ate it anyway. and then returned and ordered it the same way. it was good. but not outstanding in terms of food. i prefer dipping my own sandwich rather than having them dip it for me, which resulted in a sogginess that messed with my textures sensitivity. however, the experience was worth it since i was alread in the neighborhood (union station, olivera street, disney hall, etc., etc.). next time i'm in the neighborhood, i think i'll go with the lamb incarnation (which i was advised to do and didn't; i had to try the beef first). get the potato salad on the side.
  • mahler. i told you last week you should go to this concernt. i did. last night with my mama. and it was every bit as incredible as i thought it would be. and then some. the third is a gorgeous, lush, formally unconventional symphony that celebrates love and joy's capacity to defeat suffering. everyone should see it performed. mahler is a genius. his third counts for this week's re-discovery.
  • gehry. specifically the walt disney concert hall. i'd been to the building twice--once to a film festival and once to explore the roof garden. i've always loved the exterior of the building and all of gehry's work. his buildings feel alive to me, an exquisite melding of movement and stasis in a building that demands to be called scuplture as well as a building. but i'd never seen the concert hall. it's as vibrant as the building, with curvaceous, warm wooden ceiling and walls, and a perfect twilight blue light. not to mention the exploding facade of the pipe organ. don't miss it.
  • love. a scripture chain for you. because following it gave me peace this week. start in romans 8. a lovely chapter. specifically verses 28 and 37-39. some cross references about what it means to love god, as mentioned in verse 28. Ezra 8:22, in which seek takes the place of love; Alma 36:3 in which trust takes the place of love; D&C 90:24 in which search, pray, believe, walk uprightly, and remember the covenant take the place of love. after thinking through this, verse 39 of Romans 8 got me thinking about what could separate us from god, which took me to D&C 124:33 in which i discovered that we are separated from god when we "hinder the almighty from pouring down knowledge from heaven." i loved that idea--that god's love takes the shape of knowledge. thoughts?
  • classical. because you really should take advantage of the LA phil and disney hall. this week they're doing mozart's requiem and stravinsky's symphony of psalms (which uses the text from psalms 39, 40, and 150). i'm sure it will be brilliant.


  1. ah, phillipe's. you should've called me. the lamb dip is better. and you've gotta ask for a double dip so they really soak the roll. the potato salad is good. what i really like is their spicy mustard.

  2. i'm not sure i'd like double dipped. as i mentioned, soggy bread messes with my texture sensitivities. i tried the mustard. it's good. but i like it better on chinese (which is what it's intended for). lamb will be next--probably this week cause i think i'll try to hit the mozart requiem this week.

  3. i'm not sure Phillipe's really merits such a quick return visit. you should expand a little bit. if you're in the mood for sandwiches try Langer's for the best pastrami you've ever had (NY admits Langer's is the best) on a really tasty rye.

  4. um.
    so, i had a home teacher last semester, tjadams.blogspot.com, who links to a certain carolineinspace.blogspot.com, who links to mindonfire.com, which links to exponent II, through which i found this blog of yours. i clicked on your name just because it happens to be the same as mine. this all sounds rather silly but really, i think i've fallen in love with your blog. i can't really explain it. you write fabulously (that's not just token flattery, i promise)

    anyway, hi.

  5. Good stuff, this. Makes me wish I weren't a pirate. Who doesn't do anything.

  6. Can't stand sog.

    But we should really go to Sasha Deli in Fountain Valley for the vegetarian sandwich. Delicious, cheap, and no SOG!

  7. whoa, how do you feel about having a doppleganger? so much for being unique in the universe!

  8. ooo. i always wanted a doppleganger. how lovely. thanks for the compliment, amelia. :)

    i'd love a shot at langers. where is it? close to disney hall? cause i think i might be up there for the requiem this week.

    and brooke i'm all for trying the sasha deli. is it time for a girl's night?

  9. thanks for the scripture chain. i'm in need of some peace, so i'm off to open my scriptures . . .

    btw, two weeks ago i decided that we were going to have a monthly family 'scripture mastery' challenge, and we choose romans 8:35-39 as the first! and verse 28 (cross-referenced to d&c 90:24)is one of my all-time favorite scriptures!

    very nice, blog! i love the format. i'll be back to visit again.