26 September 2006

and crass. that was the message delivered by the hummer i saw parked on harbor today. a hummer complete with custom paint job in a swirl of grays and blacks with highly stylized and completely nude women surrounded by brilliant bursts of color scattered over the whole of it. topped off with a light bar of flashing yellow lights. i couldn't decide whether i should be offended or relieved to see such honest pairing of destructive wealth and destructive attitudes. at least the offensiveness wasn't buried behind a facade of genitility.


  1. Wow. That's *awesome*.

    Completely, completely awesome.

    Now I know what to put on the postcard I send you.

  2. yeah. i thought it was pretty awesome myself. it's not often i do a double take of dumbfounded wonder at an automobile. this was one of those times.

  3. you know what, i've seen that hummer too. i was really surprised that you can show nipples on a motor vehicle. this is the reason why Henry Rollins calls the Hummer, and pardon my French, "the dickhead."

  4. Wow, the mental image I'm getting right now makes me laugh out loud. Talk about offending everyone..

  5. you know, last night as i was willing myself towards sleep, that very question popped into my mind--wouldn't someone driving a vehicle that shows nipples get a ticket or something? i mean, if i were to show nipples, i'd get arrested for indecent exposure. not that i have any desire whatsoever to flash the world in general. but you know--just for illustration's purposes.

    glad to provide a laugh ruby g.