14 November 2009


yesterday i buzzed my head again.  i was trying to wait until january so my sister could see my curls again when i go visit next month.  but i just couldn't handle the maintenance anymore.  and i didn't have the money for a real haircut.  so it was a set of clippers with a #2 comb, my friend C, her baby A on my lap, and her three-year-old E throwing a temper tantrum with periodic breaks for conversation.  she was a saint to take the time to do it for me.  and now i have my edgy, gender-bending cut back.  i wonder how long it will take for someone to call me sir...


  1. I love the buzz a buzz gives me. But for now, I'm too cold to cut my hair off.

    p.s. I miss being your haircutter.

  2. i need to invest in a cute hat that will match my new scarf for when i head east next month. cause yeah, i think i'll be cold...

    and i miss you being my haircutter, too. i'm lucky i have such a good alternative in C.