19 November 2009


today it's only wednesday.  and it's been a long, yucky wednesday.  so i'm going to go to bed and sleep.  but first i thought i'd show you what has me plugging along this week:

come sunday, i'll be hanging ornaments (including several disco balls) and stringing lights and playing the first christmas music of the season.  and that, my friends, makes it okay that i had a long, yucky wednesday.


  1. yay! wish i could bring the boys over to help decorate. :)

  2. i wish you could, too. that was so much fun last year!

  3. Why are you decorating so early?? I remember that disco ball...at first i thought it was so weird...it has grown on me! Are you decorating your tree?

  4. just figured i'd decorate early enough that i can enjoy the decorations for a few weeks before i head your way. the tree will go up either sunday or one day during the week next week. and the nativity.

  5. PLEASE tell me where you found these mirror ball ornaments??!! I had a collection of them 19 years ago that I bought at Big Lots/Odd Lots, and I have NO IDEA where they went. I love them so much!!

    Thanks - if u remember that is. xoxoxo

    PS Checked Michaels crafts already w/no luck

    Happy Easter/Happy Spring!

  6. PS. plz email at yahoo, ttownrobin729 thank u!