06 September 2007

my first obsession is with books. i think i've spent some time in a bookstore everyday for the last week, with the one exception of sunday. it's been hot as hades here, so when my upstairs room and office reach the point of sweltering, i abandon the house and relax in the cool comfort of a bookstore cafe to read. with an occasional foray into the aisles to browse, of course. because i couldn't sit in a bookstore and not browse. sometimes to buy (a great introduction to prosody by stephen fry; a new blank book with a black and white cover with just the right flexibility; a novel by a new author that promises to be delightful). other times just to look and think and soak in all the promise of books.

but books are not my only obsession. i also have a thing for shoes. and this year, my birthday has been an exercise in podiatric indulgence. a pedicure, since i missed out on one when my sisters were here and ever since i've had a hankering to have flowers on my toes. i stopped painting my toe nails a few years ago. i'm not sure why. i've always loved painted toe nails. they look like summer. so this year, i started again. mostly red. occasionally pink. and now with flowers.

and then, a few hours after my first indulgence, i wandered into a t.j. maxx to look for a new bookbag that would handle carrying a computer. i found the bookbag (it's going to save my back this year). and then i found my next indulgence: green, orange, and gold flats with birds on them. just the right splash of color to make jeans fun. and good for hurrying across campus to make it to my class on time.

that was last week--a little pre-birthday anticipatory indulgence. and then my parents gave me cash, in a card that advised i kick off my shoes for my birthday, and then go buy more. so i did. i've been needing new tennis shoes, so i headed to nordstrom rack where i'd seen good tennis shoes for good prices and found a pair. the problem with the rack is that i have to browse all the shoes to find what i'm looking for. which of course meant i found more than just tennis shoes...

my first pair of blue suede shoes--a bit reminiscent of my sister's blue suede docs, which i always loved (and really, this post is dedicated to her; i know she understands this particular obsession of mine). so comfortable i could be on my feet for hours and not feel it. i now understand the taste for keen shoes.

and then there was the real indulgence. the cole haan distressed blue leather sling back platform 4-inch heels with peep toes to show off those gorgeous nails. it was love at first sight. and luckily (for me? for the shoes?) they are comfortable. comfortable enough for me to wear them when i dress up. because love at first sight and fabulosity notwithstanding, i won't buy shoes if they're not comfortable enough to wear.
happy birthday me.


  1. I so want thos platforms!!! your toes look so awesome...I thought they were Marisa's before I read the post. I'm glad you found such fun shoes!

  2. i knew you'd love them as soon as i saw them. i was looking for red, but couldn't find any red heels i like.

    marisa and i compared toes on tuesday and decided we must have had the same lady give us our pedicures.

  3. Do you think they have those blue wedges in a 8 1/2 or 9?!! If you're in the area let me know if you find them! WE are not blessed with a Nordstroms Rack, let alone a Nordstroms!

  4. You have great taste...which really means, we have similar tastes in footwear. I'm a little in love with those blue suede shoes...and books are my first obsession too.

  5. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I was just telling your baby sister that I discovered how to find you by clicking on your name off of Tasha's blog (it takes me a while to figure these things out). I love your toes...they definitely look like "family" toes! Very cute! I miss the Rack!

  6. I like the green & gold flats.

    And I *love* the slingbacks. They're completely awesome. And you say they're comfortable?

    I obviously need to go to Nordstrom Rack.

    (Happy Birthday, again! :)

  7. well, shauna, they're comfortable for 4" heels. :) but yeah. they're actually comfortable. i'll wear them to church on sunday and see how they do for a few hours, rather than the few minutes shoes get when trying them on. and thanks for the (multiple) happy birthdays--especially the tasty dinner (which you really needn't have paid for--thank you).

    hi kelley! nice to see you. and by "family" toes, do you mean the polish? or that long second toe? seems to be something of a family characteristic (my mom swears it's a sign of royalty).

    the blue suede ones are not only cute, but super comfy, sherpa. if you haven't ever tried on keen shoes, you should.

    i checked the rack for your size, jen, but they didn't have them. so sorry...

  8. What a perfectly indulgent birthday. Happy wishes from me three days late. I really love the green & gold toucans, and the suede ones. Great finds!

  9. when i saw the green and gold ones, i thought of you brooke. and thanks for the wishes and the girls night out last night. so fun.

  10. I've had a couple of pairs of keens actually. One pair of mary janes were rediculously cute but tore up my feet like no other. It was tragic. That being said, the other shoes were totally fine. One day I'll get another pair.