31 August 2007

so i've been trying to think of a word. one word to describe how i felt five minutes into the T ride into boston two weeks ago. lust occurred to me, but while lust captures the strong desire of the feeling, it's too superficial. maybe need. because there are things missing in my life that i think i could find there. which also made me think of longing. but even that doesn't really capture the comfort of the feeling. which takes me to

belonging. because all it took was sitting on the T, riding towards the city, to feel right. like i was back in a place that fit. the funny thing is that i didn't live there long--less than a year. and i wasn't happy for two-thirds of the time i was there. but even when i was unhappy, boston felt good. like a home waiting for me to build it. a place that spoke to me and where i could exist without fighting to find myself.

someday i hope one of the many colleges and universities there will have a job for me. and then i'll move back and live just far enough from work that i have to ride the T. so i can start my day with a brisk walk and half an hour of reading. and i'll walk to 90% of my destinations. and my world will be full of history and trees without having to search them out. and while i know that a place can't guarantee happiness, i also know that being somewhere that fits can make building happiness a little bit easier.

thanks to my sister for making a six-hour roundtrip drive in a day so i could get a little taste of boston.


  1. We would gladly welcome you back to the east coast!!! Glad to be there with you in Boston!

  2. you were in BOSTON!? remember how i live here? i hope you had a spectacular time. i wish i could have seen you!

  3. I know what you mean--I feel the exact same way about Boston. I really think that eventually I'd like to settle down there. It just feels like home.

  4. i was in boston, m. but it was kind of a last minute day trip with my sister. i'm wanting to get back there (for more than eight hours next time) and then i'll definitely plan on seeing you (cause i wish i could have seen you, too).

    there's definitely a sense of homecoming when i got back to boston, stacer. it's such a wonderful place.