14 September 2007

i'm in love with edward cullen. yesterday, before my five hours of poetry, i picked up stephanie meyer's twilight and read the first chapter. i liked it. but i had to read poetry. today, after working all morning and then an afternoon appointment, i decided to go back to barnes & noble to read more poetry. but first i thought i'd read one more chapter in twilight. five hours later, i finished the book head-over-heels in love with its undead hero. and now it's 11:41 p.m. and i have a drive to and from l.a. to make tomorrow and work to do in the morning. and i really shouldn't start new moon. but edward's kiss beckons...


  1. You've joined the dark side!!! Natalie just finished all three...aparently there is a fourth book coming out in a year or so!

  2. A girl in the ward dropped these off at my house for my roommate on Sunday. I haven't read them, but I may investigate. However, I read and loved "the Historian," and I'm not sure about these. Although, the heroine definitely didn't fall in love with the vampire.