21 April 2007

for the first time, i've been hit by a troll. my recent post in response to the supreme court ruling on the partial-birth abortion ban act of 2003 drew a rather vitriolic comment, which i deleted (although i preserved its only reasonable content). what ensued was ridiculous in the extreme. said troll (who posted the vitriol in the first place) commented on several of my posts from the last couple of months in an effort to insult me and some of the people who read and comment here. and he or she did so with very little imagination and a great deal of ignorance. so disappointing. if i must be insulted, at least he or she could have tried for some humor and intelligence in his or her insults.

as a result i've enabled comment moderation for the near future. so your comments won't be appearing immediately. hopefully this person will someday mature to the level that they understand that it's okay for people to have differences of opinion. but i'm not holding my breath.

in the meantime i'm simply looking for moderation. it's something i value, particularly in political discussion. most particularly in discussion of abortion, which discussion could desperately use a more moderate tone and rhetoric. please feel free to espouse whatever opinion you may have (even you m. troll). just use a modicum of respect and moderation.

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  1. i'm saddened to read this, as i thought the thoughts you expressed in your original post were both reasonable and well stated. keep it up!