03 April 2007

a note from my sister about her cookbook project. she posted it in the comments on my last entry about it, but i wanted it to be more visible. it illustrates how very much the children of haiti need help.

Thanks for your help! We are commited to ordering 2000 books regardless of the number of orders we have come April 6th.....so keep pushing if you will.

The cost for 2000 vs. 1000 books is almost half - so we are going to stretch a bit in effort to raise more money for the children of Haiti.

Holt has a waiting list of children. Until they can expand they remain on the waiting list. The money we earn from the sale of this cookbook will help the Holt Fontana Village build the required homes so they can help more children.

I struggle with the memory of a little boy who probably had AIDS that couldn't keep any food down. We went into a remote area of Haiti to see some of the wells that Peter Fontana was so proud of and responsible for building. On the way back we stopped in the small clinic in Montrois. The Doctor had very little to work with. And the poor little boy he was trying to help was very sick and unable to keep any food down. The skinniest dog I have ever seen came along and cleaned up what the boy couldn't keep down.

It is those memories of our trip to Haiti that I remember when I'm feeling tired of pushing people to buy a cookbook. We have so much! We can always do more. The cookbook is a start.

I love you!

i spend a lot of time listening to the news on the radio. and i regularly find myself in tears because there are so very many people--beautiful children of god--who suffer in this world. who could be helped if only i could give them a little bit of my excess. this is one way of doing that.

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