14 December 2006

i've done a lot of stateside visiting--more than half of the fifty states.

as you can see, i'm a bit of an east/west girl. my trips to the middle were all for business and were relatively short and full of long hours. but i did manage to witness a co-worker eat a 52 oz. steak in texas (which seems a particularly texas kind of thing to do), visit the campus of the university of indianna (which is beautiful), and take an architecture tour along the river in chicago in spite of my manic 12 to 15 hour work days while in those places. and in michigan, we ate at the same restaurant on nights one and three cause the steak there was so good. there was something about that restaurant that jinxed my sister, though; both nights she managed to spill a full glass across the table. the coworker she took aim for managed to move quickly enough to escape the flood the second time.

someday i'll venture out into the middle of the nation and take in a few sites. and maybe i'll make it to georgia someday.

{make your own map at route 66}


  1. Hey Aim-
    Thanks for the help today with my blog......your map of the U.S. looks pretty :)

    Thanks for reminding me of dumping Kyle's coke on him.

    How about a trip to Albany in January or February? I know it isn't a new place for you.....but it could still be fun? Think about it - I already put a bug in Mom's ear.

  2. i'd love to. winter and all. i have a full week the first week in january. and i could scrounge up a full week around one of the monday holidays in january or february. now, money...that might be an issue.

    if we go, we should finally make it to the ben & jerry's factory... or, if we don't go until march or so we could go to maple-fest in vermont and see how they make maple syrup.

  3. if you do make it to Georgia you've got to check out the Varsity in Atlanta (try the orange shake, it's a creamcicle through a straw) and Deli 5000 if it's still there (the best breakfast i've ever had with a chocolate shake; it's quite the story).

  4. i've got a similar east-west thing going on with my map too!