02 December 2006

i've been housesitting the last two weeks. and dog-, bird-, and turtle-sitting. i've started working in rowland's office. because it has a comfortable chair in it. and a nice desk. and the dogs seem to like being in here. this picture is on his desk. and i fell in love with it the first time i saw it. i don't really know why. maybe the exaggeration of the motion--it's almost a caricature of typical human motion. and there's something beautifully symetric in the arrangement of the man's limbs. and then there's the austerity of the setting. am i strange? probably. but i just find this image lovely.

{he's depicting author James Joyce "striding" along Sandymount Strand for a video that helped mark the centenary of bloomsday--june 16, 1904, the day on which Ulysses took place.}


  1. Now that I've met it, I am in love too. Thanks for posting it.

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  3. i enjoy this too, everytime i'm in his study.

    i'm reading joyce's biography right now and can't imagine him moving about this way. it seems that he spent most of his time asking friends and family for money, money that he often failed to repay.

  4. why does that not surprise me? the asking for money bit.

    i've been thinking about it and i have realized that another reason i love this image is the complete disconnect between the caption's description of this motion as "striding" and the motion itself. the disconnect between joyce's life and this motion just adds another level to that contradiction, making it even better.