09 September 2008


a few weeks ago i wrote that i wanted life to be simple. and last night i found simplicity. i texted j(wh) late yesterday afternoon and, instead of the stereotypical dinner-and-a-movie, i proposed dinner and a bookstore. so we ate delicious food. and then we wandered through the aisles of borders, browsing through books about everything from politics to birds to hippos-with-glued-on-shoes and relationships. and, when the music on the loudspeakers got a bit bluesy, we danced in the aisle.

and there was my simplicity. two hours in the company of my love. and, when he had to go back to work and i drove home, i took joy and peace with me.


  1. That sounds fabulously fun. We like to browse the Barnes & Noble clearance section....though we have unfortunately never danced in the aisle. I may try to get Ryan to participate in that next time we visit a bookstore.....

  2. john sure knew how to win my heart. first he sat in a car in a parking garage for nearly three hours engaged in eclectic conversation on our first date. then he invited me on a second date to a bookstore. :) browsing the bookstore is one of our favorite things to do together. we're such nerds...

  3. you know you think it's sexy. it's okay to admit it.

  4. Oh, the nerd thing is totally sexy. Maybe JWH is in denial, but it's true. :-)

  5. Hello Amelia!

    Lets get together! No standing me up this time. ("Oh, my car is blocked in my driveway." Said in a high-pitched damsel in distress voice.)