03 August 2008


sometimes all i want is for life to be simple. very simple. if you know how to find simplicity, do share.


  1. When we went to Saudi, we sold every possession except our clothes. While there, we had only the necessities. I missed my things, but it was very freeing. The simplification made a huge difference to us.

    (mind you, I'm not telling you to sell your shoes...)

  2. Let me know when you find out! I can even seem to make a "relaxing" vacation stressful! Can't wait to see you soon! Hopefully it will be relaxing and simple!

  3. For me, it was the three weeks between quitting my job and starting graduate school.

    Unfortunately, it had to end. And I'm back looking for it.

  4. Simplify by not making choices that cause pain and anguish. We all make such choices and they are the root of our lack of simplicity.

    hmm...I need to plant a vegetable garden and start canning the yield.

  5. here's my simplicity:

    live according to my conscience. and don't attempt to modify what that means in order to avoid pain. because if, at the end of the day, i can face myself, others, and god with my conscience clear--well, then i know i've done the best i can.