12 June 2008

this is my nephew S:
if you think he looks a bit mischievous--well, he is. he comes by it rightfully. his dad (my brother) had a hand in all kinds of mischief (along with our other brother) when he was a kid. but S is also a sweetheart. and he has just about the cutest smile known to man.

today, a memory from christmas flashed into my head, and i thought i'd tell the tale. because it's hilariously wonderful. in addition to being a cutie-pie and a mischief-maker, S was a key player in my favorite child-fight ever. it went down like this:

S sat on L (his older brother) and refused to get off.

L hit S in the head with a laser gun.

S started crying. loudly.

L started running down the stairs.

S ran to my bookshelf, picked the biggest book on the shelf, ran to the top of the stairs and threw the book at L's head. he has very good aim.

it was all i could do not to bust up on the spot (i was on my way upstairs to referee by the time the book-throwing happened) and instead make them apologize to each other.

hilarious. S definitely gets points for creativity in coming up with ways to get back at someone who hurt him. and i look forward to being able to tell the story when he's an adult and can perhaps understand the irony of throwing an ayn rand book (atlas shrugged) at someone's head...


  1. Too funny! He is a super cute kid. The first time i met him i asked for a hug and he gave me the cutest smile ever and said "no" It was so funny!

  2. Whenever I picture this cute little nephew, the image I have of him includes wounds or bandages or some sort of injury on his face (I know I'm one to talk here...) but he always seems to have a hurt! Either that or sucking on his 2 fingers! Or stealing food from his brothers plates! LOL!

  3. That is an incredibly great catch of a photo you took.

  4. i wish i could take credit for it, stephen, but i think the credit for this one goes to my brother (S's dad).

  5. I love it! The funny thing about that picture is that he was actually trying to wink! He cracks me up. As we speak, S is trying to coax the kitties out from under the car because I just announced we're leaving in 10 minutes and he's terrified I'm going to run them over... The thought crossed my mind...

  6. wait--

    you have kitties now? or are they strays?

    give your boys big hugs for me. they're cutie pies.