08 February 2008


these are my slippers:

last night j(wh) came in when he brought me home and i made us a pot of ruby fruit tea (mmmyummy--my favorite tea). and, as i am wont to do, i took off my shoes when i got inside. but it was a bit chilly in the house, so i put my slippers on. they're new. i got them on clearance for $4. and $4 instead of $20 for a pair of fuzzy, cozy slippers covers a multitude of sins--including garish orange. i mockingly asked j(wh) if he liked my ridiculously orange slippers, to which he replied (with a snort):

"those are genuine muppet skin!"

and that is one of many reasons he's so wonderful.


  1. It's funny until you remember the muppets in cruel traps, slowly dying in the snow.

    How much suffering went into a pair of $4 muppet-skin slippers?!

    PETM[1] will be heard from, I'm sure.

    [1] People For The Ethical Treatment of Muppets

  2. I think j(wh) is growing on me.
    (no remarks on the above sentence will be tolerated from the peanut gallery)

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  4. i wonder if PETM will follow PETA's example and come up with rather sexist advertisements to discourage wearing muppet skin...

  5. I searched long and hard for a vaguely naked person wearing a muppet pelt, but failed.

    This is the best I could do:
    "I'd rather be naked than wear muppet."

  6. ah, kermit--

    that's almost enough to make me give up my muppet skin slippers.