21 February 2008


apparently barack obama is the perfect boyfriend. just look here and you'll see what i mean.

he wanted me to have some cupcakes. and he gave me chocolates. and carried my bookbag. and picked me up at the airport. and lent me his coat. all of which j(wh) has done for me. (at least i assume j(wh) wants me to have cupcakes since he knows i love them.) and j(wh) is the most perfect boyfriend i've ever had (please forgive the sap).

but you know--j(wh) hasn't folded me an origami crane yet and barack has. nor has he built me a robot (although he owns one). and barack has. apparently barack edges out j(wh) in terms of perfect boyfriend-ness. which is precisely why we should all vote for him. don't you want the president of the most powerful nation in the world to be perfect boyfriend material?


  1. Barack Obama took off when he heard me but then he bought me a puppy.

    That's a great website!

  2. i think it was that: barack obama took off when he heard you weren't coming...

    you have to scroll down.

    and can you tell how much i'm enthralled by barack's perfect boyfriend-ness? enough that i know the sayings off the top of my head. well at least some of them.

  3. I'm impressed. Very, very impressed. That web page is addicting though.