23 July 2007

in the last week, i have:

1. kicked the corner of an open cupboard door. which hurt like hell. then, later that day, spent five hours on my feet (at a concert and waiting in line to get into the qwik-e-mart). by the end of the evening i was limping.

2. kicked a brick while wearing flipflops (with my other foot). which resulted in skinned up toes. apparently it's dangerous to walk in the dark.

3. jammed my pinkie finger on a cement wall while trying to catch myself after kicking the brick (if you've emailed me in the last several days and i haven't written back, it's because i'm only now getting back to typing fluently; my last post was picked out one letter at a time; i'll be trying to catch up today).

4. scraped back the skin at the base of a fingernail (on the other hand). it hurt far out of proportion to the size of the wound. this is what i get for jamming my hand into spaces that are obviously a little too small. repeatedly. but it was in pursuit of a good cause--a clean room for my siblings to stay in this week when they visit.

5. and jammed a pin into the pad at the base of my index finger. which didn't hurt, but resulted in a surprising amount of blood.

so now that i've inflicted injury on both hands and both feet, i'm trying to decide if that's a sign that i'll be injury free next week in the mountains or that i've suddenly become accident-prone and really shouldn't take on something like a week in the wilderness. maybe if i get up there and hurt myself sufficiently i can guilt my brothers into carrying my pack...


  1. I'm always getting scraped up, beat up...the more active I am, the more bruises and cuts I find on my body....most I couldn't tell you how I got them. Just Saturday afternoon I looked down on my hand and see a bruise the color of a hickey. I touch it to see if its indeed a bruise..and it is. I assume I got it on my bike ride, but how, I couldn't tell you.

  2. Sounds pretty close to stigmata to me!

  3. I think your subconscious self is trying to tell you the beach (even though "sand gets everywhere")and shopping with your sisters would be less painful and MORE FUN! :)

  4. Sounds like fun! (The week in the wilderness, not the owies.) Let us know how it goes...

  5. It is hard to kick against the bricks. Have a great time next week!

  6. Sorry you're hurt...we'll love you no matter what you decide. BTW...Colorado Springs is awesome...you should look into jobs here. you would LOVE it!!