28 July 2007

two years ago, my sister and her husband began what would become a very long process to adopt children from haiti. a couple of weeks ago, they finally got word that K's passport had been signed (she's the first of the three children they're adopting). which means they could be traveling as soon as two weeks from now. we're all superexcited to have K home and part of our family. and yesterday (i think it was just yesterday), they received word that M and R's paperwork had been signed out of IBESR (haitian social services office that has to approve adoptions). maybe they'll be traveling back to haiti again in the next six months (or, dare i say it, even sooner?).

anticipating traveling to haiti soon to pick up K, tasha contacted the orphanage where K lives and to find out what they need. they've asked for very simple things: sheets, shoes, and clothes. tasha added watches to that list (one of the caretakers asked for tasha's watch last time she was there). if you'd like to help provide shoes, clothes, sheets, or watches for orphans and their caretakers in haiti, you can send donations to tasha through her company at:

QuicKutz, Inc.
1365 West 1250 South
Suite 100
Orem, UT 84058

mark your package or envelope "Haiti Donation".

you can send either the items on the list or cash (please look at the more detailed list on tasha's blog). any cash donated will either purchase items to be taken to the orphanage or pay baggage fees to fly the items down. please send donations by August 7.

any help you can give will make a difference for these beautiful children. thanks.


  1. I'm so happy for your sister and her family. What a beautiful little girl K is, and how lucky and blessed is everyone involved! I LOVE to see this level of love and care going on. We will definitely help. What about after August 7th, too? Ongoing needs?

  2. thanks, alise. there are ongoing needs. my sister and her husband will be returning to haiti to pick up their other two children (hopefully within the next 6 months or so) and will take more supplies with them on that trip. however, the list of supplies will likely be very different, since the other orphanage has a much younger population of children and is much larger in terms of children in residence.

    if you want to donate through my sister, the best thing to do after august 7 would be to send cash or gift cards for target or walmart or a similar store. any money/gift cards sent will be used exclusively to help the orphanages.

    my sister's company sponsored a cookbook fundraising project. you can read about it in this post i wrote a few months ago:


    while their initial push was to get orders placed in April, I believe they're continuing to sell the books. you can check it out on their company website www.quickutz.com (although at the moment i think the site is down for repair; you may have to check back next week). the proceeds of the cookbook sales are going to help build more buildings at one of the orphanages so they can care for more children. 100% of profits will go to the orphanage (between 50% and 75% of the purchase cost of the book, depending on how many they sell and how that affects their costs).

    i'll ask my sister to find out if the orphanages can receive cash donations themselves or if she knows of other avenues for making contributions. i'll post what i find out sometime in the next week or two.

  3. Thank you for posting this Amy! Of course we are still accepting donations because we are still waiting on a passport. AND now with the lastest news of K's birth mother passing away....we may be waiting for additional documentation before we can travel. Hopefully we can still make it to Haiti in August or early September.

    love you!