20 March 2007

do you have strange verbal compulsions? or am i the only one? and i'm not talking about tourette's. (aside: if i had to be afflicted with a neurological disorder, i think i might choose tourette's. i could then swear with impunity.)

for a long time, i couldn't hiccup without saying "hiccup" immediately after the hiccup ended. i don't know why. it's totally bizarre and completely inexplicable from any logical or rational perspective. i don't do it as much anymore, but once in a while it pops out and then the people i'm with look at me like i've just done something wacky and i can't figure out why. because, you know--when you hiccup, you say hiccup. it's just what you do.

my favorite of my verbal habits has to do with pigs (but not mini ones). you all know that fantastic scene in the princess bride when wesley, the dread pirate roberts, lies completely incapacitated on a bed describing to prince humperdinck what it means to fight to the pain. and when that manly man the prince attempts to call his bluff, wesley replies, "it's possible . . . pig." it is impossible--literally impossible--for me to hear someone make the statement "it's possible" without thinking "pig." and i almost always utter that "pig" before i think about whether or not i should. so if i randomly call you "pig" someday, take a moment and think back over the conversation. and you'll know whether i'm actually calling you a pig, or whether i just can't control myself in response to some statement of possibility.


  1. heh. my sister and i totally do the same thing. (between us we could quote the whole movie if we tried). but it's less of a compulsion in our case and more of a joke.

  2. What is this, an Amelia convention?

    I'm not sure if I have verbal ticks, but it's possible.

    Oh wait, I definitely do. My college paper had a cartoon where the main character was a lab rat. They ran an episode where the experiment was on peer pressure. So they tried to get the rat to do things by saying, "All the cool rats are doing it..."

    So now whenever I perceive peer pressure or apply it, I always say, "All the cool rats are doing it."

    And then I have to explain it. And now that I think about it, I think it was a back-issue of my college paper, so I even have to explain it to everyone I went to college with.

  3. fabulous. i always knew there was something special about you, brooke...

  4. Weird. I left you a comment the other day about "perhaps, perhaps, perhaps" (from Strictly Ballroom) going through my mind every time I heard the word "perhaps," but somehow it never showed up. And I do also do the pig thing when I hear "it's possible." You're not the only one.