06 March 2006

some simple (and sometimes silly) things that make me happy:
  • rain dripping on the metal rain gutter just below my window
  • hot chocolate and a book on a cold, blowsy afternoon
  • the way the cap screws on so cleanly on a new tube of toothpaste
  • clothes folded perfectly and arranged in a rainbow of colors
  • the ruby gleam of a hummingbird's neck in the sunshine
  • cut daffodils opening in a vase
  • new growth on roses
  • a single albino poppy plant in the middle of a field of golden yellow
  • email from a friend just asking how i am
to be continued...


  1. Some of these make me think of the Amelie's simple pleasures (esp. the toothpaste lid--I didn't consciously realize that I liked that until reading it here).

  2. I love happy lists! I try to include them (or some variation of such) on my blog often. Good stuff Amy!

  3. i realized the toothpaste lid thing about four years ago when i lived with my best friend who doesn't screw toothpaste lids on all the way. one time i screwed a new one on all the way and it was just so beautiful. i don't mind if that makes me sound silly. it's the truth.

    and jana--your happy lists inspired me. :)

  4. I love your list! I'd add taking hot bread right out of the oven, and slipping between fresh sheets sundried on the line after a long day. Thanks for the little escape.

  5. I think that being happy is finding happiness in the little things. Like a pez dispenser sitting on my desk.

  6. i like the cold side of the pillow.

  7. oh i'm with you on that one aaron. i also *love* a freshly washed sheets and a newly made bed. perfect.

    it was little things like that that kept me sane in my cubicles, ruby g. don't know if you have a cubicle, but i swear they can kill the spirit if you're not careful. you've got to have some little joys around to combat that.