05 May 2009

resolve (reprise)

i have a problem.  a consumption problem.  i'm a consumer.  and i'm not proud of it.  not that there's anything inherently wrong with buying things or using things.  i consume books, which i think is a good thing (for instance).  but i certainly buy more than i need.  i do shop sales. and i do resist outrageously expensive items.  but if i'm going to buy three moderately priced shirts instead of one expensive one, what's the point?

the fact is that i've paid off my credit cards (yay me!) and i want to keep it that way.  and then there's the little detail about being under-employed at the moment (even more under-employed than i have been the last six years), which means i really don't have much discretionary income.  so, in the spirit of last year's resolution, i'm resolved.  again.  as follows:

resolution the first: do not buy clothing i do not need.  i'm allowed to buy an item of clothing if: 1. i inexplicably ruin something that i use all the time (the chances of this are slim, as i can't remember the last time i ruined something); or 2. i lose weight and nothing fits (again, the chances of this are slim; plus i have all my old skinny clothes i could start wearing again); or 3. (more likely) i gain weight and nothing fits.  which leads me to a side resolution: i'll start exercising, if only to maintain my current size to minimize my potential need for new clothes.  but that resolution is for another post.

resolution the second: do not buy books i do not need.  this is trickier.  because, really--books are like food and water.  here's my guidelines: 1. i can buy a book i need to read for my lists; or 2. i can buy audio books to listen to in the car.  if there's no imminent possibility of reading a book, i do not buy it.  no matter how fascinating it looks.  instead, i add it to the nifty list of books to read on my phone and wait for some point in the future (which increases the odds it will be in paperback instead of hardback).

resolution the third: do not buy shoes.  period.  no. more. shoes.  the fact is that i really did an admirable job of not buying shoes per last year's resolution (shoes i bought in that year: one pair of sandals i actually needed; one pair of dance shoes i actually needed; and one frivolous pair of royal blue tennis shoes i did not need, but i was on vacation so i excused myself).  but once the resolution ended--well, let's just say that i reverted and bought shoes.  so no shoes.  the only permissible exception is tennis shoes (assuming i actually do start exercising and my current pair wears out).

resolution the fourth: remove credit cards from wallet.  cause if they're not in my wallet, i can't use them. i have them for emergencies and that's the only time i'll use them.  with one exception: if i need to buy something online (see aforementioned exceptions), i can use a credit card.

resolution the fifth: find new forms of recreation.  because currently i shop as a pastime.  mostly browsing bookstores, because let's face it--browsing bookstores is fun.  but i sometimes do other kinds of shopping for fun, too.  like target.  target is simply wonderful for browsing.  but it's time to find other forms of entertainment.  free forms of entertainment (if you have suggestions, i'm all ears).

so there you have it--my new resolutions.  here's to making this set as successful as the last set.


  1. free forms of entertainment (if you have suggestions, i'm all ears).

    Take up cycling - while there is a bit of a start up cost ($1,500 - 2,000) once you've made the investment it works quite well as both free entertainment and exercise (see resolution fifth and side resolution). Better yet, commute by bike and save $ on gas.

    LSP (the other one)

  2. ok, I guess I shouldn't tell you I'm off to find a new pair of sandals today!! I think I'll try Earth...Tash had a pair I liked! Also, R joined a audio book club where you pay a small fee and are sent audio books off a list of your choosing. Just an idea...I know it costs money, but audio books are quite pricey too! Good luck

  3. i'm already thinking of taking up cycling, though it'll have to be on my trusty mountain bike (can't afford a road bike at the moment; maybe next year). dad already equipped me with a helmet, shorts, and jersey. i just need to equip myself with resolve...

    i joined audible last week on a free trial, jen. i decided i'd try out a book i wanted to read during my commutes and if i like it, i'll keep it up. it is a monthly fee, but i need something other than school related reading and this seems a good way to do it.

  4. I love Target. I'm a total Target junkie.

  5. another bibliophile7:18 PM, June 15, 2009

    The library, of course, is good. Have you tried paperbackswap.com? Trading books has worked for me. It takes some patience if a book you wish to read isn't immediately available, but I've gotten some good reads by setting up an account there and putting books on my "wish list". It's kind fun to get an email out of the blue telling me a book I've been planning to read is available for the asking.