04 December 2007


yesterday i wore jeans and a t-shirt (layered over a berry pink tanktop) with my cordoroy jockey cap. the importance of which will be apparent in a moment. i met seymour for in-n-out. before heading out to run errands after lunch, i made a trip to the restroom. please note: i was in the women's room.

while i was standing at the counter washing my hands with my back to the door, a woman opened the door and started to enter only to stop abruptly and then leave. i thought nothing of it, other than to notice, and finished washing up and drying my hands. when i walked out of the women's room 30 seconds later, i saw the same woman come out of the men's room to head back to the women's room.

apparently when i'm wearing jeans, a T, and a hat, i look like a man from the back...


  1. Okay, that made me chuckle. Silly lady.

  2. That is so FUNNY! It is before 8 a.m. here and that started my day off right...laughing! I love it!

  3. I love your style!

    May I add somehing to my site Beauty...on the weblog and link back to you?


    Sheila Ann

  4. thanks sheila ana. feel free to link.

  5. Horse laughing in Utah! hee,hee, hee,har,har har snort.......you get it.....
    love you!

  6. People are so unobservant! Don't they notice that you have woman hips?