14 November 2007

more simple (and small) things that make me happy:
  • discovering that when my 2-year-old niece B plays wii and sees my mii, she repeats my name: 'amy, amy'
  • waking up smiling
  • long meandering conversations with a friend
  • my nieces wearing the hats and scarves i made them for christmas (in july)
  • walking into my favorite thai restaurant on a busy saturday night and being greeted as a friend by all the servers i know
  • knowing that saturday will bring family for a week-long thanksgiving visit--yay!
  • 'lively discussions' and 'fun exchanges'
  • fall in california--it feels a lot like summer, but it's different in little subtle ways
  • the anticipation of pumpkin pie and homemade rolls
  • having B tell me all about her snack and playing wii and her halloween costume on the phone; hearing her say 'i love you'
  • dates that involve wandering through bookstores
  • squeezing snapdragons so they snap
to be continued...


  1. I'm glad to see my little family is involved in at least three of those things! I too love squeezing snap dragons!

  2. ...I wandered through Sam Weller's bookstore two days ago.....didn't buy anything but thought of you as I wandered around. THE best part, it was a blustery day and the air was crisp and as I jay-walked across the street my hair blew around in every direction.....I love blustery days.....

    can't wait to spend a week at home.....can't wait for you to meet your new neice too! We are all excited!!!

  3. oh sam weller's. a great store. and i love blustery days, too. unfortunately we don't get many of them in SoCal. why don't you order some up for me when i come visit next month?

    and i can't wait to see you guys and meet K. yay! just a few more hours.