11 January 2007

this morning i took my brother to the doctor. we left home about five minutes after we were supposed to and right in the middle of rush hour. i got on the freeway and worked my way into the carpool lane. once i was there, josh looked at me and said "i don't know any other girl who could do that"--a compliment of my ability to assertively merge, accelerate, and change lanes all at once with no hesitancy or passivity. i just laughed and reminded him that i am our father's daughter (our mother's too, as she's no pansy when it comes to driving--they didn't call her parnelli pat for nothing; but it's our dad who's driven a sports car for thirty years and has drag raced everything from said sports cars to the family passenger van).

the interchange was particularly funny in light of the fact that last night i took this brain sex test. the test struck me as a bit hokey here and there, but it was still entertaining. and it told me that i was exactly in the middle--leaning neither towards a female nor a male brain. maybe that's why i can make my way into the carpool lane so beautifully.


  1. OK AMY! How do you do the "dot" in the middle of your word "wo man"?????

    Sad it takes merging into the carpool lane to remind the other half of the family - which half of the family *really* has it together! hee, hee, hee :)

  2. ha. but at least he realizied... :)

    i copied it from a word document. i typed woman into word. then inserted the dot in the middle. and then, after i had typed all the rest of my entry, i copied the woman in the word file and pasted it into my blog entry. if you do it first, it will screw up your formatting on your blog entry. and you insert dots in word through the insert special character or symbol menu option.

  3. interesting little test! i also scored right in the middle.