31 August 2005

last night i rediscovered perfection. it's been hot lately. fresh out of the shower, my skin gets clammy. the air in my apartment is still and sticky. night time brings little relief. in fact, it seems to only get hotter in my apartment when it hits 11pm. sleep comes hard. but last night it cooled off for the first time in a week. really cooled off. i climbed into my bed next to my open window and was surprised by the cool touch of my sheets. i had forgotten how lovely a cool, cotton sheet feels. i snuggled down under my cold sheet and blankets and slept easily.

it's strange that cool sheets make me feel cozy. it wasn't hot. they didn't give me relief from heat. but they felt good. it made me think of the goose bumps i get in my hot car. it's black, so the expanse of reflective silver i put in my windshield does little to prevent it from pulsating heat waves on a hot summer day. when i step in on such a day, i close the door and sit for a moment in the breathless heat of the car, watching goose bumps raise on my arms. chills from the heat. i fill my lungs with that hot air and shut my eyes and something in me lets go.


  1. it was your b-day? happy b-day too!

    I often get in my car on warm days and blast the heater on me. I freakishly love gusts of hot air.

  2. thanks! it was on the 4th. and i had pie (pumpkin of course). superyum!

  3. I'm a freak like Caroline--sometimes I hop into the car in the summer and enjoy the superheated blast until I can't stand it anymore (we had this more in our old sentra, cause it took a long time for the A/C to get going).

    I'm enjoying visiting your blogs--Jana, Amy, Caroline--I need to get off my butt and follow your examples!